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Current Racers:

Mistletoe (Misty)

Retired Racers:


Honorary Sled Dogz / Racers (Find their pics within the gallery)

Cody the CorgieChipLeo on a Mission!Macy!Shae all stretched out!Sailor


Other Honorary Sled Dogz / Racers (not pictured):
Pepper, Citron!, Guiness, Bacardi, Verdict, Garth, Frankie, Hammer, Melee, Arro, Snitch, Jazz, Widget, Trigger, Wixer,
Really, Mario, Motion, Presto, Dani, Bling and Ike.

The Humans (not pictured):
Lorel, Carol, Joy, Aida, Connie, Cindy, (Cindy w/Synergy), Pam, Jennifer, Deb, Sue, Eric, Michelle, Tom, Sharron, Judy,
Gloria, Brad, Bob, Ballistics team, RPM team, Junk Yard Dogs team, Hannah, Sue, Mel, Neva, Tonya and Becky.

Some real Sled Dog Support:

  Zeus and Maggie (Sam's mom) are the support crew for Sled  Dogz Unharnessed.  They really know their way around a gangline
  and are the basis for the SDU logo!

Current Statistics (as of 2/1/2017):

Name Breed NAFA
Points U-FLI
July 2015)
FD 28 Singles
13.84s (6.30s)
Sept. 2012)
Mix FMX 10,926 Singles
(Alaskan Husky) 


Jan. 17, 2017)

#1, U-FLI
FM 6,448 Singles
U-FLI '14
Fastest Husky

Nov. 2013)

Husky / Mix
#1 NAFA Sibe
(at retirement)
27,128 Pairs

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- handled by Linda

   Brown Trouts Miss May     Ekho over a jump

Echo as the lead dogEkho is a Siberian Husky with pretty blue eyes.  Born in 2002, she was rescued in Michigan and moved to Alaska with Linda, Timber & Indy.  She is an up-n-coming flyball dog who knows all the pieces of flyball. Ekho earned 2 points in her first tournament in Alaska and her FD in 2009 at Slammers' End of Summer tournament in Michigan while running with Ballistics Flyball Team. She is affectionately known as Miss-May, a Brown Trout Calendar regular, and as Driven Spirit's La Pequena.  Ekho has earned her Canine Good Citizen Certificate (CGC) and loves to work Obedience.  She will, however, talk back to anyone who will listen.  Ekho is also a tenacious and happy sled-dog leader who loves to explore new trails and make snow angels during rest breaks!    Back to top 

INDY - handled by Linda and Ken
   Indy over the jump     Indy off the flyball box

Indy through an agility tireIndy is an Alaskan Husky and her honorary name given by her new family's Siberian kennel is Driven Spirit's Lucky Girl.  Born in l998, she was rescued by Last Chance Rescue in Michigan and moved to Alaska with Linda, Timber & Ekho.  Indy is an accomplished agility dog, has earned her Canine Good Citizen Certificate (CGC) and is a natural pet-therapy dog who loves to work with adults and children.  She earned her Flyball Master (FM) in May 2008 .  At 10 years of age, her best time in the racing lane in 2008 was 4.96!  Indy loves to train people in flyball and socializing with her human teammates is her favorite thing.      Back to top

***On October 1, 2014, we said goodbye to this sweetheart. She seemed to know what was needed in times of happiness, or sadness, and has raised the level of joy in many hearts. Indy waited for just the right moment...she passed in our arms surrounded by family. Oh, the many memories in which she lives on.  I hope you get to do all the 'hoovering' your big heart desires. We miss you...may God keep you safe until we meet again.

                                                                                                     EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!!!
                                                      The Anchorage Daily News, December 2014: Indy magically appears to say "Hi"!! We love you girl.

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SAM - handled by Ken and Linda

   Lil baby Sam     Sam over a jump

Born Driven Spirit's Silent Runner in  December 2004, Sam is a Siberian Husky whose color varies from mahogany to copper.  He has glowing amber eyes which are sometimes used to persuade his human friends to hand over the treats!  Throughout the winter months Sam works the trails as an up-and-coming gee-haw leader but flyball seems to bring him the most happiness.  Many have commented on his enthusiasm after watching this boy run down the lane to "get his ball" .   At his first ever tournament in June 2008 he earned his FDX and has a best time of 4.84 - seems the better the treat, the faster his time.  He is also a recent Canine Good Citizen.

Sams One of a Kind awardIn September Sam was honored as "One of a Kind" during the Ballistics' 2008 River Run tournament in Vassar, Michigan.  He received a beautiful table hand-painted by Kari Morningstar and presented by Teri and Bristol.   
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Sam was honored with the "Peak Performance" award during the Ballistics' 2012 River Run tournament in Vassar, Michigan.  The hand-painted ornament by Kari Morningstar was presented by Shannon in honor of Teez. 

On January 17, 2017, Linda and I said a final good bye to Sam.....Driven Spirit's Silent Runner.....Sam the Man.....Shuffles.    He passed quietly in our arms being hugged and loved. Our caresses and soft words gave him comfort, allowing him close his eyes, fall asleep, and cross the bridge. I'm sure he was greeted by our friends Timber, Indy, Chevas, Tess and Louie, Sam's dad.  We will miss the exuberant display of happiness to play flyball or to get in the truck for a walk....the peaceful surrounding calm when curled up in his favorite chair.....the sound of his shuffling paws as he crossed the floor....the uniqueness of his beautiful voice.  Until we will gaze upon those amber eyes once more, we will think of you every day. Love always, Linda, Ken, Ekho, Maggie (Sam's mom), Zeus and Misty.      Back to top

TIMBER - handled by Linda and Ken

   Timber - Look at that face!     Timber over the jump

Timber is Linda's first flyball dog.  She started with Ballistics Flyball Team in Michigan at 8 weeks old and earned her ONYX in Alaska in 2006.  Timber earned her Canine Good Citizen and Flyball Dog (FD) at 14 months and has since led a life of the Lil Timbercanine athlete by competing in flyball, agility, grand prix racing and high-jump competitions.  Born in 1999 and rescued in Michigan, she moved to Alaska with Linda, Indy & Ekho.  While an Alaskan Husky now, her new Siberian family dubbed her Driven Spirit's Guardian and she is hailed as the one who tries to control all the doggie-chaos around her!  Turning 10 years old hasn't crimped her style what-so-ever and she regularly posts sub-five racing times.  In 2009, her best time was 4.75.  Timber and Linda achieved their first  .000 start in 2009.  Yeah Timber!    



   Region 18's MVP for 2008
   NAFA Iron Dog Award for 10 consecutive years, 2000 to 2010 

***On March 24, 2014, we had to say goodbye to an amazing companion, our beloved Timber. Every day we are reminded of the joy she brought into our lives and when we feel saddened, thinking of Timber always returns a smile. Timber gave us something we can cherish and carry in our hearts, forever. We love you Punkin' Head and may God keep you safe until we meet again.***

In Memory of Timber, our Punkin' Head, Tumbleweed, T, T-Pot Tail. We carry you with us always.

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MISTY - handled by Ken and Linda

   Misty smiles    Trying to get that squirrel!  

Misty is our 7th Husky.  We think her birthday may be around mid-2010 and she came from the Mat-Su animal shelter in Palmer Alaska. She was most likely someone's sled dog before becoming a stray and ending up in the shelter.  She loves a harness and pulling in a team.  She is so very sweet with loveable soft eyes and upon meeting her in the shelter she showered Ken with kisses.  That's partly how she got her 'full name' which is Mistletoe.  We found out she loves a tennis ball and also taught herself to climb trees while chasing squirrels in the yard.  She loves to snuggle in anyone's and everyone's lap and will invite herself if you don't!  Back to top

NIKO - handled by Melissa

   Niko in Nevada     Niko with toy

Niko has been a wonderful addition to her new family. She is full of energy and never tires out. Niko likes to run around, have a good time, and thinks everyone is her friend. If you happen to have a few treats in your hand she will show you all her tricks…and then some more tricks! She knows eventually Niko talkingyou WILL give her the treats. Niko is smart and brilliant, and she knows it! She loves to talk and will chat your ear off if you let her. Niko looks up to her bigger brother Bosco and learns everything he teaches her. She recently figured out all the pieces to flyball and is having a wonderful time running the full course.  Niko can't wait for the next tourney to show off everything she has learned. She is also a proud member of the first Husky flyball team in Alaska!!!!!!    Back to top

- handled by Melissa

   Bosco off the box     Bosco ignoring his dad, Rich

Bosco is a Miniature Australian Shepherd born in November, 2001 in North Carolina.  His first dad didn’t have enough time for a puppy so he found Bosco a new home.  Bosco moved in with Cody (GSD), Cheyenne (Yellow Lab) and his new Mom and Dad.  As an Air Force family we later moved from NC to Alaska.  In Anchorage we learned about agility, then heard about flyball and had to give it a try.  We were hooked!  Bosco still likes agility and has several titles, but he lives for flyball.  When it comes to practice the world stops and flyball comes first!  His fastest time is 5:37. Our next military assignment was
Las Vegas.  Although several thousand miles away we will never forget our (four legged and two legged) friends.  We look forward to coming back to Alaska every year to play flyball.  Bosco has earned his FDch-Silver (NAFA) and Top Flight Executive II (U-FLI), ultimately reaching 5,515 points before retiring. 

U-FLI is the United Flyball League International.  Top Flight Executive (TFE) II is 5,500 points.  Back to top 

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