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(Modern Day Flyball in Alaska)                            (Various event/pictures/videos)

Tournaments 2017
The "sled dogz" may be racing as pickup, open or Sled Dogz Unharnessed!

January 2017, Winter Chill Out (Grand Rapids), U-FLI
Team: Sting, Ticket, Misty, Po
Team Name: Under the Radar (Justin, Marie, Linda, Tara)

Misty's first tourney not running in last position!!

Tournaments 2009-2016

Special Thanks 

To all the clubs and people who either ran with us or we
with them or who have helped SDU: Canine Express,
Slammers, Ballistics, Rude Dogs, Fly By Night, Pawbusters, SWAT,
WTF, TNT, Wooferines/Pedal Pushers, RPM, JYD,
Pawsitive Attitude, FIAB and CDS.

October 2016, Dream Team Challange (Gray Summit, MO), U-FLI
Championship Weekend

Team: Really, Mario, Sam, Misty
Sled Dogz Unharnessed "Far From Nome"

September 2016, Slammer's End of Summer Slam (Monroe), U-FLI

Team: Hammer, Dani, Bling, Ike, Sam Misty
Muttley Crew P/U

July 2016, Rude Dogs 4th UP Shelter Fundraiser (Escanaba), U-FLI
Team: Really, Mario, Sam, Misty, Motion, Booge
Sled Dogz Unharnessed P/U

July 2016, Fur in a Blur License to Chill (Sandusky [OH]), U-FLI
Team: Dani, Bling, Ike, Misty, Sam
Muttly Crew P/U

April 2016, RPM All Thrills no Frills (Davisburg), U-FLI

Team: (V) Chase, Sam, Riot, Jesse, Jacey; (S) Journey, Rerun, Shorty, Cricket, Misty
Pawsitive Attitudes Variety and Standard P/U

March 2016, Canine Express Spring Tournament (Davisburg), NAFA
Team: (R) Streak, Riot, Rerun, Sam, Jessie; (O) Journey; Tanner, Misty, Shorty
Pawsitive Attitudes Regular & Open

February 2016, Mighty Mutts (Davisburg), NAFA
Team: (R) Streak, Chase, Sam, Jessie; (M) Izze, Jacey, Shorty, Journey; (O) Misty, Riot, Cricket, Rerun
Pawsitive Attitudes Regular, Multbreed & Open

January 2016, Beer City Blitz (Wyoming [MI]), U-FLI
Team: Twist, Sonny, Pepper, Misty, Rhythm
Fly by Night P/U

November 2015, Canine Express Fall Tournament (Davisburg), NAFA

Team: (R) Misty, Jessie, Chase, Riot Sam, Streak; (O) Izze, Jacey, Cricket, Shorty, Rerun, Journey
Pawsitive Attitudes Regular & Open

September 2015, Slammers (Monroe), U-FLI

Team: (S) Izze, Cricket, Shorty, Jacey, Misty, Rerun; (V) Streak, Chase, Sam, Jessie, Riot, Jacey
Pawsitive Attitudes Standard & Variety

August 2015, Quick Silver Dan Phillips Memorial (New Baltimore), NAFA
Team: (R) Izze, Cricket, Shorty, Jacey, Misty, Riot; (O) Streak, Chase, Sam, Jessie, Jacey
Pawsitive Attitudes Regular & Open
Misty gets first NAFA points, 76, earning her FD!!

August 2015, Rude Dogs (Escanaba), U-FLI
Team: Jet, Pepper, Rummer, Sam, Mini, Misty
Wicked Team Flyball P/U

Misty's team debut; scores initial U-FLI points, 110, earning her TF!!

June 2015, Rpm (Hastings), U-FLI
Pairs: debuting....Sam & Misty. Best time 11.017

Sam's average was 5.16 at 10 years old!
Misty averaged 5.978; much improved passing cut April pairs time by 0.583!

April 2015, Slammers Spring Fling (Monroe), U-FLI
Team: Chase, Sam, Streak, Rerun, Cricket, Jacey
Pawsitive Attitudes P/U
Pairs: Misty & Hammer. Best time 10.787; Misty's average time, 6.561

March 2015, Canine Express Spring Fling (Davisburg), NAFA
Team: Chase, Cricket Izze, Sam, Rerun, Jacey
Pawsitive Attitudes Open

February 2015, Mighty Mutts (Davisburg), NAFA
Team: Chase, Jessie, Sam, Riot, Streak, Jacey
Pawsitive Attitudes Open

January 2015, RPM Winter Flyball Tournament (Birch Run), U-FLI
Team: Skeeter, Shift, Ticket, Sam (EI), Sam (SDU) & Thug (RPM for FEO)
Slammers/Extreme Insanity Pickup
Singles: Misty makes her flyball debut with a best time of 5.849 !!!

November 2014, Canine Express, Springfield Oaks Activity Center (Davisburg), NAFA
Team: Lola, Sam, Rory, Bruizer, 'Zilla and Gordon
Quick Silver Quick K9's

June 2014,  2nd Annual UP Shelter Fundraiser (Escanaba)
Team: Rummer, Sam, Aidan, Rory and Wyatt
Competitive Dog Sports Brown and White

June 2014, RPM (Hastings)
Singles: Sam set his best time ever, a 4.847 with a 0.07 second start.
For his last heats of the day, he and Linda achieved several 5.0's!
Sam was being guided by his pal Timber.

March 2014, RPM All Thrills No Frills
Team: Meg, Sam, Sailor and Jessie

January 2014, Rude Dogs Winter Fix

Team: Red Sled Dogz: Antic, Meg, Sam, Sailor and Jessie

November 2013, Rude Dogs Fall Tournament
Pairs: Sam & Timber! Under 12 seconds; Sam's average start 0.05 seconds.
This was Timber's retirement tourney...what an amazing athlete and champion.
It was an honor for Sam to have shared her last  races

September 2013, Slammers End of Summer Slam
Team: Whitkin, Theo, Sam, Boomba, Colt and Timber

September 2013, Ballistics River Run
Pairs: Sam & Swindle, best time 9.666
Pairs: Timber and Punch, best time 11.514

July 2013, Rude Dogs / High Velocity UP Shelter Fundraiser
Team: Bretta, Sam, Colt, Boomba,Rummer and Timber
"Flyball's Debut in da UP!", Escanaba MI.
Delta Animal Shelter and Eva Burrell Animal Shelter received over $4,000!
Sam becomes U-FLI's #1 Siberian Husky!!!

May 2013, Extreme Insanity
Team: Bretta, Sam, Timber, Punch, Colt and Boomba
Best time: 20.896, when we didn't break out! 1st Place, Standard 3!

February 2013, Rude Dogs
Team: "Ballistics Hairtriggers"
Simmer, Rummer, Timber, Cami, Wyatt, and Punch

Team: "Ballistics 4 Barrels"
Beeline, Colt, Sam, Theo, Sydney and Max
Best time: 18.995, 1st Place! Variety 1

December 2012, Rude Dogs Winter Fix, Regular and Variety
Team: "Ballistics Howlitzers"
Lucky, Cami, Punch, Timber, Presto and Theo
Team: "Ballistics 4 Barrels"
Colt, Sam, Theo, Swindle, Punch

November 2012, Rude Dogs November Tourney, Pickup
Team: "Sled Dogz/Junkyard Dogs"
Trigger, Sam, Timber, Cody, Presto and Wixer

September 2012,  Slammers End of Summer Slam, Pickup
Team: "Junkyard Dogs/Sled Dogz"
Kit, Sam, Karma, Cody, Indy and Willie
Although this was Indy's retirement tournament she might have one race left in her!!
September 2012, Ballistics River Run, Pairs
Ekho & Boomba - best time 13.840
Ekho's best time to date, 6.3...At 10 years-old she's getting faster & faster each year...Yeah!

Sam & Verdict - best time 9.891
Sam had a 4.90, his best time ever & first official sub-five U-FLI run; sweet!
To top it off, Ballistics honored Sam with a Peak Performance Award. What a surprise!

June 2012, RPM Dog Sports, SDU Pickup
Team: "NMI3"
Widget, Jenga Timber, Shae, Booge and Citron!

April 2012, Rude Dogs Spring Bash, SDU Pickup
Team: "NMI2"
Jazz, Sam, Jessie, Timber, Indy and Booge
Indy and Booge saved the day!

April 2012, Slammers Spring Fling, SDU Pickup
Team: "NMI"
Arro, Sam, Melee, Timber, Shae and Indy

March 2012, RPM Winter Tournament, RPM Pickup
 Havoc, Snitch, Spice, Riddick, Sam and Indy
Sam earned his first two U-FLI titles
and ran on a 17 second team!

February 2012, Rude Dogs February Tournament, Singles
His fastest time yet, 5.024!

January 2012, Fur in a Blur Lake Effect Fur Advisory, SDU Pickup 
Team: "Got Snow?"
Verdict, Citron!, Bacardi, Melee and Jenga
[ Timber and Indy missed this tourney at the last minute :( ]

November 2011, U-FLI Dream Team Pickup
2011 U-FLI Tournament of Champions
Team: "It Started With Huskies"
3rd Place, Division 5 with a best time of 22.9
Frankie, Chip, Macy, Guinness and Timber
(Alternates Indy and Bacardi)
Thanks to our Junior Handler, Taylor. She did a great job!

Indy, a spry 13 year-old,  takes 2nd place, Division 8 Singles 
The time was 6.3s and a best start of 0.007!

Great job by all!

September 2011, Standard Regular, Ballistics 
Slammer's End of Summer Slam
Rummer, Bretta, Exit, Timber, Indy, Citron!
Best time 18.971

September 2011, Singles
Ballistics River Run 2011
Ekho breaks her own record...runs a 6.400

August 2011, Standard Regular, Ballistics
Junk Yard Dog's Run for Rescues Tourney
Over $12,000 donated to local rescue organizations!!
Punch, Timber, Exit, Colt, Indy and Boomba

June 2011, Regular Pickup, SDU
RPM Dog Sports Flyball and Fun
Pepper, Timber, Puma, Cody, Indy and Sonar

April 2011, Standard Regular, Ballistics
Slammers Spring Fling
Day 1: Citron!, Timber, Presto, Weaver, Ammo and Indy
Day 2: Tanqueray, Exit, Timber, Ammo, Bretta, Citron!

November 2009, Standard Regular, SDU
Rude Dogs Winter Tournament
Timber, Indy, Garth and Chip

September 2009, Standard Regular, SDU

Ballistics Twisted River Run
Timber, Indy, Garth, Chip, Ekho and Sam

NAFA Historical Tournaments

Racing Year 2010
Northern LightSpeed Ranked #1!
Regular Class, NAFA Region 18
Average Time 20.060, Best Time 19.510

July 2010, Open
June 2010, Regular (2), Open (2)
March 2010, Regular (2)
January 2010, Open
November 2009, Regular (2)
June 2009, Open (2)
May 2009, Regular & Open
Sep 2008, Open
August 2008, Regular & Multibreed

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                  Take a look at these two cool videos! It's our all-Husky lineup performed in Alaska.
                  The Introductions...Zoom, Timber, Sam, Indy & Ekho

                   The Race: Timber, Zoom, Indy, Sam & Ekho

Sam. Timber, Boomba and others, Facebook and 
                      newspaper stars at the Delta and Eva Burrell Animal
                      Shelters benefit, Escanaba MI. "Flyball in da UP!"


                      (video courtesy of Delta Animal Shelter (via Facebook)

                 Sled Dogz Unharnessed is a fan of a great You Tube 
                 Video called "The Siberian Husky." Click the pic and
                 see for yourself!

       Louie supports The Siberian Husky

                  Sam and Rocky, their first complete Flygility run!

                      SDU at Vassar. Timber, Indy, Garth and Chip

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                              Whats this?

       Ken and Sam  
        Ekho...U-FLI Singles      Eyeballin'      The Gang
   Little Miss Ekho   Ain't she sweet?
                          Let me go!                       Guess Who?
       Ken's Baby Dog, Li'l T    Leo at play
                              Leo, just getting started   Carl led by Flyer
                           Melissa at Cynosport 07                              Macy    
             Rich and Bosco chillin    Booge Flyin' Off the BoxCody the Corgie!Jessie

     Cody   ShaeChip (said with a high pitched voice!)Booge, Flyin' BackShaeMisty really likes a ball!Boomba!

     Sailor Mist...Here she comes!Team Escanaba 2016!
The ChampionshipMaggie Gives Out Candy!Shifu the Flyball Cat
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It's been said that long, long ago a few people in Alaska were once intrigued with flyball.  There was an early version of a flyball box, one having a single foot pedal and tin can to hold and pitch the ball.  Later, a newer version with a solitary hole and carpeted front was tried.
Sadly, nearly a decade went by and  flyball in Alaska never seemed to take-off nor did it become an active dog sport.  
In 2004 the winds of change blew upon "The Last Frontier" and there appeared two dogs who knew the game well.

In the midst of an icy lair, with authority and raised sticks, the ACES hockey team declared "let there be flyball!" it was...the very first Alaska flyball demo.  

Indy, Erin, Timber and Linda fulfilled the command in April, 2004 with a 2-dog flyball extravaganza presented to Anchorage, Alaska ACES hockey fans!

See for yourself as Bob, the ACES announcer tries his best to intimidate the athletes while Timber and Indy steal the show and WOW! the crowd...

   Erin Announcing     Bob the Announcer

   Timber waiting     Indy being patient

   Timber up close     Indy down the lane

   Indy at the box     Timber at the box

   Linda saying goodbye

About six months later the first flyball club in Alaska was formed.  In January 2005, Timber and Indy shared their encore invitation from the ACES Hockey Team and performed a 4-dog demo together with Willoughby and Colby.

(updated 8/18/2013. We just discovered, on, the first actual flyball club in Alaska was Northern Explosion club #190 NAFA in 1999. There were no tournaments and no points earned. Dogs were: German Shepherd Dog, Airedale, four Border Collies and a Pomeranian.  Approaching the 10 year mark in Alaska there are now the following clubs: Alaska Dogs Gone Wild, Glacier Shakers (originally Borders Around Alaska), Pawsitive Synergy and Anchorage Anarchy. All of these clubs are located in Anchorage. Another club, Juneau Flyball, formed in 2011 but never competed.)

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